Is one of your goals for 2010 to cut back on expenses?

In today’s world we are all looking to save money any way we can We do things like buying a generic brand instead of a name brand and usually the generic item tastes or works out just as well as the name brand one. As a Duncan Realtor I like to help my clients save as much money as possible in their home so here are some tips to help cut your home maintenance costs in 2010.

1.Your Home Mortgage: If you haven’t already refinanced, now might be a good time to take advantage of the lower interest rates, before they start increasing. Other reasons to refinance might be to to get rid of your PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) or to shorten your home loan. If you switch from a 30-year to 15-year term you will be saving years of interest payments.

2.Heating and air conditioning systems: Run your ceiling fans when the heating and air conditioning system is on. Turning on your ceiling fans uses up very little electricity and will add to the efficiency of your heating or air conditioning system. You will see a significant reduction in your electric or gas bills when you use your ceiling fans. If you have a forced air system with the vents just below the ceiling you will find that the warm air will remain near the top. Using ceiling fans forces the air downward and will heat the room more quickly. Make sure you close the vents in rooms you are not using to save more on your energy bills. See this site to find more ideas for money-saving tips and information on weatherizing your home.

3.Water Heater: Many people overlook that insulating your water heater is one of the top money saving home improvements because as much as 28% of the monthly bill is based on heating and cooling associated with the water heater. You might consider replacing your old unit with an Energy Star model.

4.Outdoor Automatic Sprinkler Systems: If you have an automatic sprinkler system, think about installing a rain gauge that automatically turns off your watering system in rainy weather or just remember to do this yourself when you know there will be heavy rains. Also, become eco-friendly when you start planning your spring garden or redo your lawn. Look for native plants that can tolerate your climate and don’t need much water.

Many small changes in your home maintenance schedule have the potential of leading to some substantial savings. I would love to hear some of your cost saving ideas as well so email me your tips and I’ll add them to my list.

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