Duncan Area Job and Career Expo and Youth Contests

30+ Businesses Conducting On-Site Interviews, Career Expo for Youth and the Opportunity for Students in 9th-12th Grade to Compete to Win $1000!

Duncan, Oklahoma, March 23, 2010- The Duncan Area Economic Development Foundation will host a Job, Career & Entrepreneurship Expo on Tuesday, March 23 at the Simmons Center in Duncan, Oklahoma.  The Job Expo will take place from 7 a.m. – noon and the High School Career Fair from noon -4pm.

 As a result of the economy, many skilled, well qualified individuals are seeking employment, and an event such as this is very necessary. While locally we are not struggling as much as other parts of the country, we must also look toward the future for a workforce that will have the skills necessary to keep our companies and community on track.

 For those seeking a job, a wide variety of employers will be present, hiring will take place on site and job descriptions and salaries will be available at each of the booths. In addition, seminars will take place throughout the day to assist individuals with their resume, interviewing skills and give them information on becoming an entrepreneur.  For students attending, they will get to see what career options are available and the pay and education required for each job.

 In addition, students in grade 9-12 can compete in engineering &/or entrepreneurship to win $1000, $600 or $300.  The 2nd Annual Duncan Area Economic Development Entrepreneur contest encourages those who have a great idea for a product or service to submit a business plan, while the 2nd Annual Duncan Economic Development Engineering Competition encourages youth to design a CO2 dragster and race it on the 80 foot track the day of the job fair. 

 For additional information on the Expo call Jessika at the Duncan Area Economic Development office at 580-255-9675 or email info@ok-duncan.com.

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